Courses taught

Syllabi available upon request


as Instructor of Record


  • The Philosophy and Cognitive Science of Consciousness (Yale)
  • Ethics of the Internet: Data, Algorithms, Society (Yale)
  • Life Worth Living: Religious and Philosophical Approaches to the Good Life (Yale)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (UNC)
  • Gender and Society: Introduction to Feminist Philosophy (UNC)

As Teaching Assistant


  • Death (Yale, Shelly Kagan)
  • Junior Colloquium in Cognitive Science (Yale, Joshua Knobe)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (UNC, L.A. Paul)
  • Critical Thinking (UNC, Ram Neta)
  • Introduction to Mathematical Logic (UNC, Gillian Russell)

PEdagogy workshops

During the 2020-2021 academic year, I worked as a Graduate Teaching Fellow at Yale’s Center for Teaching and Learning. As part of the fellowship, I co-facilitated pedagogy workshops for graduate students and post docs across the university. Here are the workshops I designed and led.

  • Fundamentals of Teaching in the Humanities (four-part series)
  • How We Learn: the Science of Pedagogy (two-part series)
  • Using Technology for Feedback (advanced teaching workshop)
  • Teaching First-Generation and Non-Traditional Students (advanced teaching workshop)
  • Course Design (advanced teaching workshop)